Caries Control - Group name and writers

Group Name: The Cariers.

Group Leader and email contact: Teng Kok Wai (

Group Logo: Caries Control and Treatment -  Group name and writers - Cariology

Group Slogan: Take care of your teeth and you can eat more beef!

Group Writers: Email:
Tan Zhi Hui Janice (Miss)
Tay Wan Ling Elizabeth (Miss)
Teng Kok Wai
Toh Shi Yun (Miss)
Toh Shu En Michelle (Miss)
Yao Ying (Miss)
Yap Baojie Benjamin
Yeo Woon Chee (Miss)

Group Mentors:
Associate Professor Robert Yee (email:
Associate Professor Robert Yee (email:

Dr. Carolina Un Lam (email: